About the 504HealthNet & Tulane Internal Medicine Residency Program Clinical Update

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

504HealthNet and the Tulane Internal Medicine Residency Program are pleased to present you with the first quarterly Clinical Care Newsletter. 504HealthNet is a non-profit organization that represents the outpatient safety net providers for the Greater New Orleans area. Through work with member organizations like the Tulane Drop-in Center, Tulane/Ruth Fertel Clinic, and the UMC primary care clinics, 504HealthNet strives to ensure that everyone in the community has access to high quality primary care and behavioral health services.

In primary care settings it is often difficult to keep up on the most current guidelines. This newsletter seeks to distill some of the most useful articles that internal medicine/primary care track residents at the Tulane Internal Medicine Residency Program have found to improve their practice and the practice of their peers and mentors. Keeping providers at all levels informed about the latest advancements and updates in health care best practices is important to both Tulane and 504HealthNet, which is why we are creating this quarterly publication.

Topics for this issue focus on guidelines for daily aspirin use, screenings for diabetic neuropathy and Hepatitis C, and updates on recommendations for the different pneumonia vaccines.

It is our hope that this newsletter will be helpful for providers’ continued practice, and that you are able to go forward and care for those who need it most. To sign up for the electronic version please visit 504HealthNet.org.


Susan Todd, MPAff
Executive Director

Anjali Niyogi, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Tulane University School of Medicine

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