504HealthNet Presents Champion of Community Healthcare Award

504HealthNet and its 21 member organizations presented Senator David Heitmeier with the Champion of Community Healthcare Award. This annual award celebrates a member of the community who has fought tirelessly to preserve and lift up community health care in the Greater New Orleans Area.

“This year 504HealthNet, our member organizations, and community stakeholders joined together to ensure that the Greater New Orleans Community Health Connection (GNOCHC) program would continue to provide insurance coverage to 53,000 people who would otherwise be uninsured,” said Susan Todd, executive director of 504HealthNet. “Senator Heitmeier played a pivotal role in making sure that patients could continue to receive the care that they need at community health centers.”

Funding for the program was set to expire in August of this year, however the Legislature appropriated additional funding to continue the program.

The Greater New Orleans Community Health Connection (GNOCHC) program provides primary, preventative and behavioral health coverage to 53,000 adults 100% of poverty and below, and who are otherwise uninsured. These are hard-working waitresses, artist, musicians and the like who earn enough money that they do not qualify for Medicaid, but they do not have a private insurance option either. They also do not make enough money to qualify for insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace established through the Affordable Care Act sometimes referred to as “Obamacare”.

“We’re constantly working to make sure that all of our member organizations are delivering the highest quality care to the people in their communities,” said Michael G. Griffin, 504HealthNet board president, and president and CEO of Daughters of Charity Health Centers. “Giving people the option to get care in their community helps to educate and keep the entire community healthy, through high quality care and through growing jobs.”


504HealthNet is a non-profit organization which helps to support an integrated and coordinated network of healthcare providers in the Greater New Orleans region to make sure that all people, regardless of their ability to pay have access to quality health care.

For more information, or to find a clinic in your community go to 504healthnet.org

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