Public Policy

504HealthNet supports policies and programs that help improve access to healthcare across Louisiana. This includes support and advocacy on behalf of programs such as Medicaid and health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Our goal is to preserve the gains that Louisiana has made regarding health insurance coverage, and prevent any state or federal funding cuts that would negatively impact care delivery or health insurance coverage. Specifically, we are focused on ensuring that services are available and care is provided through Community Health Centers which are delivering care to the most vulnerable populations in New Orleans.

Current Efforts:

No repeal of any component of the ACA without a comprehensive replacement.

Any replacement must include Medicaid Expansion at its existing funding level and structure.

Medicaid should not be turned into a block grant.

Collaborating on the state level to ensure funding remains stable to care for low income and uninsured Louisianans.

Through we are collaborating with other local groups to educate and empower those affected by policy changes to have their voices heard and maintain access to care.

Previous work:

504HealthNet and member clinics advocated successfully for Medicaid expansion in Louisiana by working with and educating both local constituents and lawmakers about the benefits of expanding Medicaid in Louisiana. 504HealthNet also assisted the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) with enrollment, such as the transfer of 62,000 Greater New Orleans Community Health Connections (GNOCHC) waiver program recipients to Medicaid, to ensure that they would not lose benefits or coverage in the process.

504HealthNet advocated to ensure that additional funding was appropriated to GNOCHC so that 62,000 people in the GNO region would not be left uninsured. Through collaborative work by multiple stakeholders and key legislators, this crucial program covering 62,000 residents, was extended into 2016 (when this population was switched over to Medicaid expansion). 504HealthNet members also worked with LDH to organize two successful public meetings, advocate against cuts in payment rates, and ensure the appropriate paperwork was submitted to the Federal government to continue the program. Without the determined work of member organization and staff, the loss of this program would have had devastating effects on the community.

504HealthNet supported the Affordable Care Act as a means to expand coverage to more Louisianans.



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